Transform Your Lending Process: Automate Now with LendCRM

Transform Your Lending Process: Automate Now with LendCRM
Reddy Kolan October 9, 2023 Blogs & Articles

Take Out the Hassle

When it comes to the real estate industry, flexibility and efficiency are essential for success. With so many moving pieces, last-minute adjustments and unplanned issues that always seem to arise when least expected, real estate investors and their lenders need a way to keep all their documents up-to-date, organized, and accessible during all stages of the project. Subcontractors need to be paid on time, closing documents need to be signed off on, building permits need to be reviewed—the list goes on and on. The sheer magnitude of paperwork for any transaction can be overwhelming, but with LendCRM it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s an overview of some typical documentation that is required during the underwriting and servicing of real estate loans and how LendCRM can help you effectively manage them—saving you invaluable time, effort, and stress along the way.

Start Out Strong

Every loan customer starts out as a prospect. With LendCRM’s intuitive Prospect Portal, you can easily engage potential clients to gather all necessary data including contact and background information. This allows lenders to initiate the beginning stages of the underwriting process by gathering all the essential data needed to conduct their due diligence such as credit history checks, tax return analysis, contracts and more.

Lenders are an essential component of every real estate transaction—but they can’t do it alone! That’s why LendCRM gives lenders the ability to create a contacts portal where brokers, investors, and all other required parties involved in processing, under-writing, closing, and servicing a future loan can securely log into the Prospect Portal to provide real-time updates and analysis, keeping the project running smoothly from beginning to end.

Looking for additional help on the business side of the house? LendCRM has you covered with their value-add Sign Up Portals, where you can create and customize Sign Up portals to solicit brokers and agents to collaborate on your projects on a commission plan.

Get the Ball Rolling

After you’ve secured a client, you can harness the power of LendCRM’s cutting edge interface by creating an all-inclusive document portal where customers can safely upload all required documents—including income statements, appraisals, and financial information—that will be needed to process, underwrite and close the loan.

Dealing with a complex project with multiple vendors and subcontract after subcontract? No need to worry, LendCRM makes contract drafting a breeze with its contract builder software with a wide variety of fully customizable templates. Simply choose the appropriate one, edit and upload them with the loan details onto the portal.

What good is a bunch of documents if you can’t organize them? With LendCRM you’ll never have to worry about jumbled folders overflowing with a random assortment of loan paperwork. The user-friendly software enables lenders to quickly and accurately create loan document packages based on the information already entered into the system from the prospect and subject property interfaces.

Underwrite & Close with Confidence

Underwriting is anything but an exact science—no two deals are the same and have to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Need some help evaluating a pending transaction? LendCRM allows you to optimally calculate loan eligibility and viable interest rates based off of your customized pricing matrix that can be adjusted based on the type of loan program your firm offers. No more sweating the details when it comes to projecting the impact of variables such as credit score, property location, LTC, ARV, and more that can drastically impact the serviceability of a loan. LendCRm can compute all of your data to generate the best rate possible for your clients.

At the end of the day, most clients are primarily concerned about how much their monthly payments are going to be. Using LendCRM’s customizable loan calculators you can compute monthly payments based on the loan’s term, schedule, and amount. As the project gets underway, optimize productivity by creating and assigning tasks on the platform where teams can communicate and collaborate to get the job done.

Discover the LendCRM Difference

Whether your firm is facilitating a fix-and-flip build, a bridge loan or refinance, LendCRM’s cloud-based loan origination software seamlessly integrates all aspects of the customer relations management process. LendCRM puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to effortlessly create, customize and instantly update loan programs to stay on track with leads, process, underwrite, close and service loans.

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