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Every Thing is Built In & Turn Key: Effective CRM, Loan Origination &. Servicing with Loan Pricing, Underwriting, Document & Contract Management. 

Lenders & Brokers can Customize Fix & Flip, Bridge, Ground Up Construction, Rental/DCSR, Multi Family & Mixed Use loan programs to their Lending needs to Originate Loans according their business needs.


Create, customize, manage loan programs to manage leads, process, underwrite, close and service loans.

Lead Management
Lead Management


Application Processing
Application Processing


Rate Engine & Underwriting
Rate Engine & Underwriting


Give Approvals & Close Loans
Give Approvals & Close Loans


Tailor your Lending Process & Originate Loans in Fix & Flip, Bridge, Ground Up Construction, Rental/DSCR, Multi Family & Mixed Use. Loan Programs.


Using Our intuitive WYSIWYG Module Builder, You can Drag & Drop to create, update and delete fields on the fly to collect the required information & Documents on Borrowers, Guarantors. & Entities to Process, Under-Write, Close and Service your loans.


Our WYSIWYG Opportunity Builder will let you create and customize different loan programs to Process, Under-Write, Close and Service Loans.

Create Custom Modules to Create and Manage to manage your business process needs.

Loan Pricing & Underwriting

Loan Pricing

Eligibility and Best interest rate that can be offered to a borrower can be calculated in our platform based on your Pricing matrix for different loan programs. All your variables such as Borrower profile, Subject Property State, LTC, LTC & ARV etc… that can affect the rate on a loan can be given and we will compute all your conditions to provide the best rate that can be offered to your borrower.

Loan calculators

Customize Loan Calculators to compute Monthly payments based on Loan Term, Payment Schedule, Initial Loan Amount, Buy Rate, Closing Costs Financed, Rehab Budget Financed, Broker & Originator Commission etc…


Using Our Loan Pricing & Loan Calculators Assess the Risk of the borrower to approve or reject a loan file.

Get the details of any loan flow at any time

Portal provides a web-based access point for your Borrowers & Investors to interact with their loan from application through clear-to-close.

Borrowers can easily complete a loan application, upload supporting documentation, eSign disclosures, and monitor the status of their loan in a single easy-to-use location.

Reclaim your day with fully-automated loan updates

Good communication is fundamental to a positive borrowing experience, and keeps your referral partners sending business your way.

LendCRM is packed with easily customizable and automated communication solutions so that your borrowers & investors can view info they want, when they want it.

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