LendCRM- A Platform for Simplified Loan Servicing and Origination Processes

LendCRM- A Platform for Simplified Loan Servicing and Origination Processes
Reddy Kolan September 27, 2023 Blogs & Articles

According to a recent study conducted by Allied Market Research, the loan origination software market was valued at $4.8 billion in 2022, and is estimated to reach $12.2 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 10.2% from 2023 to 2032.

One of the vital reasons for this huge growth possibility of loan origination software is the urgency of digitization and automation in the credit industry.

Many financial institutions continue to face a range of challenges in loan origination, including dealing with excessive emails, tracking clients, organizing loans by types, managing document uploads, storage, and filtration, handling servicing, and navigating third-party applications, among various other tasks.

Presently LendCRM , one of the leading cloud-based loan servicing and origination platforms enables financial institutes to transform and automate their entire loan management process. LendCRM gives users the flexibility to manage Loan Applications, Process, Underwrite, Close, and Service Loans. LendCRM comes with an integrated CRM feature.

Enhancing the loan origination process through automation yields substantial benefits by replacing cumbersome manual procedures that still persist in many lending institutions today. These outdated paper-based workflows not only hinder efficient decision-making but also increase the likelihood of human errors, potentially discouraging your customers.

By integrating low-code technology across your entire loan lifecycle, you gain improved visibility into every facet, including applications, risks, and opportunities. This newfound insight empowers more informed decision-making, enabling you to make judicious choices that strategically position your business for the future.

Furthermore, maintaining compliance remains a top priority. Attaining peace of mind is achievable by introducing robust software solutions capable of actively monitoring compliance, fraud, and other risks. These solutions facilitate seamless updates to stay in sync with regulatory changes.

Mr. Swami the CEO of LendCRM stated, “Our software empowers lenders and brokers to initiate loans across various programs, including Flix & Flip, Bridge, Ground Up Construction, Rental/DSCR, Portfolio, Multi Family & Mixed-use Loan Programs, starting from scratch, and efficiently oversee the complete loan life cycle. Additionally, we provide loan servicing solutions that aid lenders and brokers in handling loan tapes, verifying bank statements, and facilitating one-time payment.

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